Module leader of MAP202 Static and Dynamic Optimisation.

Supervisor for final year projects and Mathematics Report projects on Geometric Numerical Integration and Integrable Systems.  Consult the list of suggested projects or come talk to me if interested!

Feb 2024

Lecturere of a minicourse on “Hamiltonian and Lagrangian aspects of integrable systems” at the XVIII International Young Researchers Workshop in Geometry, Dynamics and Field Theory


Teaching assistant for the modules

at the University of Leeds.


Oct-Nov 2020 LMS Introduction to Integrability

I was one of the Lecturers in this 5-part online lecture series aiming to provide an introduction to integrable systems (classical and quantum, continuous and discrete), accessible to early PGR students and researchers new to the field.

Event page: https://www.icms.org.uk/events/event/?id=1098

Recordings: https://media.ed.ac.uk/playlist/dedicated/51612401/1_7zqkveuj/1_bzvflmi6